Tesla Model S Review
85 kWh Performance Series Model S Signature Edition

About the 2012 Tesla Model S Electric Car

The Tesla Electric Car (2012 Model S) is a 5 passenger luxury sedan with a manufacturer's stated range of 300 miles (for the 85 kWh version). The EPA has required Tesla to state the range as 265 miles and when you sit in it after fully charging on the recommended setting, you see the rated (not 'projected') range between 220 and 230 miles. They don't recommend charging to the maximum 265(300) miles on a regular basis as it reduces the long term battery life.

Performance reviews of the Tesla Electric Car have compared it to the BMW M5 as well as other luxury sedans and it won 2013 Car of the Year from Motor Trend. Features of the car include a large touchscreen for controlling a blue tooth connected phone, navigation system, radio, lighting controls, sunroof, ride height, and viewing real time power usage as well as the rear camera. The rear camera can be activated at any time, including while you are traveling 60 miles an hour ... a view you most likely haven't seen before. The door handles recess into the body when they are not needed for opening the doors and this improves the aerodynamics of the car. The large hatchback allows for putting relatively large sized objects in the trunk, including two kids if you selected the 'jump seat' option. The front seats are heated and have three different settings to choose from. The drivers seat has a small pocket in front between where your legs would be - good for maybe storing a charging station card and not much else.

A couple of thoughts and disclaimers ... we own the car, do not work for TeslaMotors, do not own thier stock, do not plan to own their stock, and this site is in no way affiliated with TeslaMotors, chargepoint or any other companies/products/services that we may mention as adding value to the driving experience. All views expressed within are ours alone and based on our daily usage of this Tesla electric car.