Tesla Model S Review
85 kWh Performance Series Model S Signature Edition

Front License Plate

When taking delivery of the car, you will be asked if you want the front license plate bracket installed. Some feel that the front license plate bracket and plate detract from the beauty of the car, the potential reduced resale value (due to holes drilled into bumper casing for the mounting bracket), aerodynamic efficiency implications, etc. There are options for mounting the license plate bracket without drilling holes in the bumper. I wanted something that was 'invisible' and would take literally seconds to mount and dismount the license plate without permanently disfiguring the car to temporarily mount the front license plate while parked to comply with local ordinances requiring a front license plate installed on a vehicle. I did not design with the objective of driving with the plate mounted.

My solution is based on a hitch and receiver concept involving magnets to 'lock things temporarily in place'. When you park your Tesla, you take the plate out of the car, remove the magnetic reminder and drop in on the drivers seat as a reminder, slide the plate's magnetic receivers on the two invisible 'hitches' on the grill until the magnets catch and then walk away. When you return to the car, pull the plate and receivers straight off of the hitches, reattach the magnetic reminder, and put the plate away. The same mechanism can be used for license plate mounted toll tag collection on a more permanent basis if desired. I was at a recent super charger opening and several people liked the design and asked where they could get the mounting mechanism. After some debate, I agreed if there was enough interest we could find a way to get some produced. Click here to see it in action and a brief overview of the easy installation.

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