Tesla Model S Review
85 kWh Performance Series Model S Signature Edition

Tesla Model S Links

A consolidated spot for some of the links that I've found most useful ...

http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/ a great spot for staying current on what everyone is thinking 
http://www.chargepoint.com/ Chargepoint website for ordering a card (get the Droid or iPhone app)
http://dash.time4tesla.com/ Customizable web Page for in car browser that has Time, Weather, Stocks
http://www.teslaccessories.com Center Console Insert Option (CCI) 
http://www.teslarati.com Tesla News, Aftermarket Product Reviews and Rumors
http://www.illinoisgreenfleets.org/fuels/vehicle_info.html Illinois Rebate program for $4,000 back!
http://www.illinoisgreenfleets.org/fuels/vehicle-rebate-app-oct-2012.pdf The form itself
http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf_publications/vsd522.pdf Illinois Electric Vehicle license plate registration costs range from $35 down to $9 depending on the timing of registration. The period is for two years and starts January 1 of even numbered years and ends December 31 of odd numbered years. So, between 6/15/12 and 12/14/12 the cost is $27. You won't be able to apply for EV Plates online at Cyberdrive Illinois - you will need to go to a license branch that will handle license plate requests. The plates look like this http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/12226-EV-plates-(Illinois) with no customization options and really no benefits other than reduced cost. They will first look at you strange because they don't realize that Illinois has EV Plates and once you explain it to them, they will give you the following forms. The EV form you can print from here, fill out and take with you. The Standard form is only for understanding what info you will need ... you must get the form from the license branch and fill it out there as it is a two-part carbonless form.

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